1 Glover island (Ramier island) old ruined whaling station (This island is situated just of coast about 2 km from point salines international airport)
2 Hog island (This island is situated in Wobburn bay [clarks court bay])
3 Calivigny island is about 1 km from Hog island (this island is just off petit calivigny pt)
4 Adam island just off pt egmont
5 Gary island is situated at the mouth of Egmont harbour (petit Calivigny harbour)
6 Small island's with no name's are situated at petit bacaye bay (Marquis pt. Requin pt. Requin bay. Galby bay Menere bay plus 3 islands off Pointe du petit trou)
7 Bacolet island (Hope island) is situated in gt Bacolet bay
8 Marquis island is situated St Andrews bay
9 Telescope rock island (is situated near telescope pt)
10 Pearls rock (Conference island) situated in conference bay

Black rock island (Anthony island) situated in Antoine bay just off artiste pt


Sandy island is situated in Grenada bay

13 Green island is situated just off bedford pt
14 Suger Loaf (Levera island) is situated in levera bay
15 London Bridge island (2 islands situated about 5 km from Suger Loaf island)